Dubai Sightseeing

Dubai is a city with many interesting and exciting things to see and do! The contrast between old and new can be felt everywhere: Veils next to bikinis, souks next to gigantic shopping malls, camels next to limousines, dhows next to yachts, traditional houses next to skyscrapers, …

Dubai has many sightseeing spots and tourist attractions to offer. Visit Dubai museum and the Heritage Village to learn about Dubai’s past, visit the camel market in Al-Ain and see the traditional life in Dubai, visit Burj al Arab - Dubai’s famous luxury hotel, visit the Emirates Towers in the pulsating Central Business District, visit the Spice and the Gold Souk and start bargaining for your favorite piece of gold jewelry!

Read reviews on Dubai’s best sightseeing spots and tourist attractions. Share your opinion with other Dubai tourists and let them know which tourist attractions are a must-see in Dubai, UAE!

rated 2.60 out of 5
Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House

11. Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House

Visit the former family palace of the Sheikh. Learn about Dubai’s past and tradition. This short museum tour is well worth a visit.

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rated 2.52 out of 5
Dubai Heritage Village

12. Heritage Village and Diving Village

Learn about Arabian culture, history and tradition of Dubai. In the heritage village are replicas of traditional houses and markets. In the diving village you’ll learn all about pearl fishing. It’s a very exciting place with lots of things to discover!

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rated 2.48 out of 5
Gold Souk

13. Gold Souk

Find your favorite piece of gold jewelry at a much cheaper price than at home. The choice is incredible and discounts up to 50% are usual! Even if you don’t looking for gold jewelry, the Gold Souk is worth a visit!

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