Dubai Mega-Projects

Dubai is THE boomtown in the Middle East. The Sheikh family started early to liberate the Emirates from oil dependency and to diversify the economy. The Emirates are running out of oil by the end of the century, so they have been concentrating on tourism, real estate and commercial projects.

Dubai has become one big mega-project. The tallest building of the world, the first underwater hotel, artificial islands in the shape of date palms and the world, a whole new business district, the largest man-made marina, etc. etc.

The dream of Dubai is to become the Arab center of the modern world.

Read articles and comments on Dubai’s mega-projects. Tell us your opinion about Dubai’s mega-projects and rate the most ambitious mega-project!

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1. Dubailand

Dubailand is one of the most bombastic mega-projects in Dubai. An entertainment complex twice the size of Disney World shall attract 200,000 visitors daily on completion.

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Dubai Waterfront

2. Dubai Waterfront

Dubai Waterfront is the largest man-made development project in the world. It’s the last waterfront project in Dubai and it’s the most bombastic project ever!

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3. Hydropolis

Hydropolis is one of Dubai’s most extravagant projects. It’s the first underwater hotel of the world!

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The Palms

4. The Palm Islands

The 8th wonder of the world! Man-made islands in the Persian Gulf in the shape of date palms. The islands have a trunk, fronds and a surrounding crescent. The islands will be home for villas, appartments, luxury hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, sport and entertainment facilities.

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Burj Dubai

5. Burj Dubai

Burj Dubai - the tower of Dubai will most likely become the tallest building of the world. The final hight is still a secret!

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The World

6. The World

The World is another man-made island project in Dubai. 300 islands are shaped into the continents of the Earth.

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Business Bay

7. Business Bay

Dubai’s whole business district gets a new face. The Creek has been extended for this mega-project. More than 200 new skyscrapers will be built. If Dubai does something, it doesn’t do it by halves.

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The Lagoons

8. The Lagoons

The Lagoons are seven islands interlinked with bridges along the Dubai Creek Coastline. It shall provide an environmental living in harmonious existence with the surrounding eco-systems.

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Dubai Marina

9. Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina will be the largest man-made marina of the world. More than 120,000 people will live in this city within a city.

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