Dubai Climate/Weather

The climate in Dubai is subtropical and hot. In general the sun shines 9 hours per day. It doesn’t rain often, if it rains, it’s only a few days during the winter months.

Winter starts in October and ends in April. During this months the temperature is between 77F and 95F.

In summer - from May to September - the temperature is between 95F and 113F. It’s not only really hot, but also very humid with a humidity up to 80%. Inland temperatures can get even higher, but the humidity is less and therefore it’s a bit easier to cope with the heat. It’s also cooler during the night there than in the coastal areas.

The best time to visit Dubai is between October and May, i.e. in Winter.

Month Min Temp in F Max Temp in F Avg Rainfall inches
Jan 54F 74F 0.5
Feb 57F 75F 1
Mar 60F 80F 0.5
Apr 65F 86F 0
May 72F 93F 0
Jun 77F 97F 0
Jul 82F 100F 0
Aug 82F 100F 0
Sep 77F 99F 0
Oct 71F 92F 0
Nov 64F 87F 0
Dec 58F 78F 0.5

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