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  1. rana qamar Says:

    This is Qamar from Pakistan .we are the farmer of camels.we want sell our camels in UAE.in this regard
    we need the buyers.

    thanks and regards

  2. Mohamoud Ibrahim Says:

    Hi there,
    My name is Mohamoud, I am from Australia, we sell life camels & meat. We can export to anywhere in the United Arab Emirates if requested. We are looking for a market to export camels to wider Arab world & Muslim world. We can supply your demand.

    Looking very forward doing a business with you

    Kind Regards
    Mohamoud Ibrahim

  3. Julie Says:

    Which are the best days and time to go to the camel market?

  4. Abu Dhabi Rich Pay Millions For Camels While Arab World Stays Poor | Green Prophet Says:

    […] And what is known as the Al Ain Camel Market, near Dubai is considered to be a national heritage. […]

  5. The Time I Went to Al Ain | Blank Canvas Coaching Says:

    […] What you find out, though, during your circuitous drive through the Eastern-most areas of the UAE, is that there is such a thing as Camel Markets. What this means is that, not only are there just wild camels roaming around, some with little baby camels, but that if I wasn’t already running rather late for my interview (the reason for all this craziness in the first place), I could have stopped at a Camel Market and picked myself up a little baby camel. According to a tourist website on the topic, One of the main attractions is the still very active Camel Market. Camels sold and bought. There are no racing camels, but meat and milk suppliers. Also sheep, cows, goats and poultry are sold there. It’s a real Arabian experience! The best time to visit the camel market is on Thursday and Friday. […]

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