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Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is said to become the largest man-made marina of the world and is developed as a city within a city. Dubai Marina will cover an area of 53 million square feet. It is inspired by Venice with its many canals. It will be home to over 120,000 people in luxury apartment towers and villas with waterfront views.

The mega-project Dubai Marina will feature more than 200 high-rise buildings. It shall become the ultimate lifestyle experience with cosmopolitan restaurants, exclusive retail shops, various sports facilities, swimming pools, luscious gardens and parks. It will combine the urban lifestyle together with the advantages of owing a home on the water. It’s sometimes called Manhattan of Dubai.

Dubai MarinaThe development started in 1999 and the first phase was completed in 2003. The expected time of completion is in 2009.

When Dubai Marina is completed it will be the largest artificial marina of the world. Currently the Marina del Rey in California holds this title.

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  1. i want to know more about dubai marina… please do tell me more…

    syana_armagenza - August 22, 2008

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