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Emirates Towers

The Emirates Towers are located on the Sheikh Zayed Road. One tower is a hotel, one tower is an office building. The Emirates Towers are one of the tallest “Twin Towers” of the world (office tower: 1164 feet, hotel tower: 1014 feet). The office tower is not open to the public.

The Emirates Towers hotel offers 400 stylish rooms and suites. The hotel features a hotel floor exclusively for women which is serviced only by female staff. Luxurious cosmetics, a cosmetics fridge, bathing products by Chopard and a yoga mat and introduction DVD is also offered. For men there is the H2O Male Spa with over 30 treatments for the total male relaxation. Emirates Towers

The Emirates Towers offer 13 restaurants which will suite your taste and style.

The Emirates Towers hotel is a stylish and professional hotel with an efficient and friendly staff. The hotel also has impressive conference rooms. The hotel is especially convient for business appointments, because the hotel is near many head offices.

A shopping mall links the hotel with the office towers. There you’ll find several restaurants and cafes that serve - quite unusual for shopping malls - alcohol.

Room rates start from $270 per night.

DreamsofDubai.com says,

Emirates Towers is a very stylish hotel for business travellers. Even if you don’t stay there, the Emirates Towers are worth a visit. Try Vu’s restaurant at the 52nd floor and enjoy the views of the sea and the desert at the same time.

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